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Party Entertainment in Southeast Michigan

Who ya gonna call for party entertainment in Michigan?

If it were up to us, then we would say call toll free 888.763.3323. Of course we will leave that decision to you, but we will say that if you want First Class Entertainment for your party then the only logical decision would be to give us a call for your party entertainment in Michigan.

We're experienced. We're professional. We're the party entertainment specialists in the Detriot area of southeast Michigan.

When you choose First Class Entertainment:

  • You choose the music ... use our database to create your own play list.
  • You can choose the personality of your DJ...on our event planning sheet for proper crowd motivation.
  • You can choose the specials or games for your guests to participate in.
  • Our master song library has over 50,000 titles.
  • We offer a variety ...background music at dinner and great dance music for your party entertainment when you are ready.
  • Music will be danceable and at an appropriate volume.

Compare to other DJ Services

  • Deposit - ours is only $200.00, not half down, and we accept all major credit cards.
  • Professionalism - friendly, well dressed DJ's in tuxedos and tastefully decorated sound systems.
  • Convenience - we make it easy to use our service.
  • Dependability - we use only the finest sound and lighting equipment available.
  • Our DJs carry back up equipment with them.
  • Sound Quality - we use only compact discs, not scratched records or garbled sounding tapes.
  • Our DJs are experienced professional party event entertainers, Emcees or Masters of Ceremonies.
  • Price - we are very affordable.
Choose First Class Entertainment
for your Professionally Hosted Party Entertainment Event
Our DJ's just don't play music, we entertain your guests!

So, again we ask, who ya gonna call for party entertainment in southeast Michigan?
First Class Entertainment

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